anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


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In Penang For The Birth

Penang Island welcomed us for our two daughters’ birth. This island is sacred, connected to feminine energy, it carries gentleness. We wanted to be surrounded by its tenderness, its fluidity. On this land, there is a time and space which can be different, which can be invented. This is why we created our cocoon here, the one that allows us to celebrate with deep love our daughters’ birth. Two energies support us, teach us, nurture us. The ocean is here, intense blue, always changing. It creates a liberating horizon, that of being carried beyond places, beyond time. It brings us its fluid energy and at the same time carries the ebb and flow of tides. It symbolizes the feminine energy of softness, and its inner strength. It recalls the constant of life: change and at the same time the fluidity to which we can surrender, with which we can let changes enter our life. It whispers to let us be guided. Then there are the tropical forest, its abundance of vegetation and especially its tall trees. They are standing, powerful. They anchor us to the earth by their mere presence. They are a movement towards elevation, in the joy of being ourselves, in the confidence that everything is within us. It reminds us to radiate our inner sun in all who we are, unique and majestic. They are healers, because they welcome us with universal love.

    This land is also linked to our friends, who have been present in joy and turmoil. And above all who have taken part in welcoming Fibie with the spirit of a great family, which extends beyond cultures, in a united humanity.

A New Beginning

We will not go back on the roads once again. Because it would mean going back to our nomadic life the way it was. We are starting a new beginning, a new life of nomads by bicycle to create together. Everything is to reinvent, to create.

Nomads On The Way

The horizon is open to infinite possibilities. This gives rise to an inner certainty, we are guided and connected with our life path, because we choose to reinvent ourselves at every moment. Of course, there are doubts, they will always be present, they are also our guardians. They push us to live in our rightness. In a few days, we will be nomadic on the way. A journey welcoming everything that is present, in full receptivity. Yet it is carried by three pillars, a security that can only be inside us so that it is manifested on the outside, the deep listening of our being and our body to radiate health, and the abundance that we allow ourselves to live in, because the universe always responds to what we believe deep in ourselves.

Nayla is so proud to share her bike trailer with Fibie. She holds her hand when we cycle, she sings songs to her, she shares her euphoria of the thousand kilometres in so many different atmospheres and landscapes. Surrounded by Nayla’s lighthearted vibrations, Fibie also enjoys being in the trailer. She observes the world with her big eyes and seems to feel each change of atmosphere. Now, it is together that they fall asleep lulled by the slight swinging. For us, it’s an intense feeling as we ride the four of us. Gratitude, bliss and a sense of freedom.

It was in Penang that Nayla learned to swim, to dive, to become a dolphin in the water. Fibie also plays in this element. This time in Penang, Nayla developed her agility in the height. She climbs, jumps at the trampoline and especially excels at the trapeze at 10 meters high. Completely in her element, she swings upside down, does back flip, and flies from one trapeze to another.

The Heart of Penang is its Multiculturality

Loud music, bright lights, yellow lanterns, dragon dances, hustle and bustle of the crowd! We are facing a procession of more than 90 decorated floats. We enter this dance of colours, this Taoist celebration, the festival of 9 emperors. These are star lords who preside over the motion of the planets. They are the guardians of the register of Life and Death.

This procession crosses the city during the night. On each float, a person is possessed by the spirits and goes into a trance. We see them shaking sometimes running, gesticulating. According to the tradition, some devotees also perform ritual mutilations.


Because of the visas, we have to leave the Malaysian territory. We choose to spend a few days in Singapore. As the lights of the city glow in the dark, Singapore is taking shape in front of us. Its high buildings are reflected on the lake in the tranquility of a park. This city is constantly moving, evolving, reinventing itself with a passionate imagination to create new possibilities. Singapore will be for us an alternation between futuristic towers and vegetation. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and yet it is a garden city with more than 50 parks and 4 nature reserves. This megacity is recognised as one of the greenest in the world. In the heart of an extravagant architecture the lush vegetation appears, bringing a sensation of well-being.