To help us plant seeds of hope

1 dollar a month is also:

Believing in the Impossible

We offer you to


1 dollar per Month

Why ?

To support our path of exploration,

not only of cultures and vast wild spaces

but above all of the endless possibilities of living differently

to live by following our intuitions,

to put what really matters at the centre of our lives,

to participate in emergent solutions;

- for the well-being of our children and the planet,

- to expand the horizon of humanity,

- for a Slow Life without Limits.

1 dollar per Month it's also

a commitment

to yourself to take the risk

of believing in the


to put back

at the centre of your life

what really matters to you

to move forwards

the life that vibrates

deep inside you,

to dare to try.

If you want to believe in the impossible with us, to believe that it is possible to create your life, then we invite you to join us.

Each month, we will propose an

an image, a reflection, a thought.