anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach



«Welcome  On Earth! »

Pregnancy is a movement in slowness that invites women to enter in a deep interiority, a return to their inner self. It asks me to fully enter a new facet of myself that the baby unveils with more intensity. It invites me to more tenderness and slowness. This transformation is essential for the welcome of this Being who grows in me. This pregnancy brings its presents and difficulties, especially its teachings. As if it is necessary to reinvent a part of me, to align it and harmonise it between the spontaneity of my inner child, the woman in me and the mother in me. An alignment to be found to radiate Life.

Fibie and her Messages

For Fibie, it is also a journey. This descent into the energies of the Earth. I feel her vibrating with an intense pureness. Her essence is crystalline and of deep tenderness. Yet her bright energy is pushing for transformation, it is enough to meet her to enter the movement. Beyond her gentle feminine vibrancy, she possesses a determination and a confidence in herself and in her path in Life. P

Slow Motion On Penang Island

This slowness unveils on Penang Island, linked with both the lush energy of the jungle and the singing of the ocean. Once again we were guided. At the moment we set foot on this land, we feel a great softness, the one that lulls us to the pace of the rising and falling tides of the Andaman Sea. It also has its strong personality, symbolised by the powerful tropical storms with impetuous winds whose lightnings link sky and earth.

This slow movement is also impregnated with the ambiance of Georgetown and its cultural heritage. It is the marvellous alchemy of this city that inspires us by its artistic face. Each lane becomes a place to appreciate the details that unfold. As if each one reveals a peculiar imprint. And this is the magic of the city, its magnificent details that create atmospheres so diverse that we can simply enjoy..

Born to the Earth on August 9th 2017

As I watch the full moon slowly disappearing on a smooth sea at the crack of dawn, I know our child will be born today. Everything then comes to place with great synchronicity. Our daughter joined us, she was born to the Earth on 9th August 2017 following the lunar eclipse. I take Fibie on my skin, while I am nestled in the arms of the man I love. She arrives with her eyes wide open, an intense gaze that of the first encounter.

A Soul Joinded Us

This birth happened in the determination and softness of our child. For me, it was a powerful initiation to the feminine energy in each one of my cells. She took me on unexplored paths, she made me touched the energy of Life. Xavier was the guardian of our intimacy in the heart of this dance, that of the greatest celebration of Life. Each birth unfolds in its own way, linked to the Mother and the Baby. The child follows her path, the one that she has begun for several months already. She creates her birth imprints, already places her strengths and challenges, those which will bring her to realise her Life Mission. Fibie has a great sweetness, a pureness of heart that transmutes all that surrounds her.

We then plunge into an organic time that of Life which does not belong to the linear time. Everything is focused on the present, on the celebration and sumptuousness of Life, on the time with our newborn daughter, on feelings and sensations. A wave of Love and Tenderness surrounds us. This organic time is also focused on crying, breastfeeding, diapers and sleep. It is also the worries, the anxieties, the sleepless nights, the questioning.

We use a form of communication that is meditative, intuitive and telepathic. With Fibie, it is very subtle, it is completely intuitive. It passes through new channels, as if it opened up to new perceptions. We learn this new language, this heart-to-heart connection that opens the doors of her inner wisdom and the messages she brings us.W