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anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

Octobre, 2022

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Small transit in the north of the country

As soon as we enter Croatia, a woman accosts us in the village square.

"I invite you for a cup of coffee, if you like ».

Katy and Joseph offer us Turkish coffee and some Turkish delight. Then the neighbours arrive with a glass of locally made wine and figs from their garden. Figs are for us the symbol of Croatia. They remind us of the jams we made along the way during our first months of nomadism in 2010. We talk on the terrace in French and Croatian, delighted to enjoy the sunshine. Then, Nayla and Fibie meet Anna, a girl from the village, with whom they play all afternoon. We are carried away by this fabulous welcome.

The mist moistens everything

The fog covers the sleeping village. The temperature is barely 2°C. The dampness makes it even colder and our bodies are pierced by the cold. Nayla and Fibie don't want to get out of their sleeping bags. This time we are in the middle of fall. Fortunately, the days are sunny and the temperature rises in the afternoon. This season offers us the splendid colours of a nature that slowly falls asleep. The blazing hues give us an energy of wonder and joy. Fall is this magical alchemy. We are carried along by a sumptuous weather that continues to accompany us. We are infinitely grateful for this, especially since our sleeping bags and tent are soaked every morning. At lunchtime, we have to unpack everything so that the sun and wind can dry our equipment and ensure us a warm night ahead.

With the topography of

the earth

Mountains stand out on the horizon. It transforms the scenery, especially after the vast expanses of the Danube plain in Hungary. A pass awaits us. Then a quiet road follows the movements of the earth. It takes us to charming little villages. We get in connection with this land, we feel it, experience it.