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anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

July, 2022

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A sign indicates the change of bordertime

A sign indicates the change of border. We are now in the Czech Republic. We enter a forest which surprises us instantly by its energy. We find a vibrant place where the trunks rise to the heights. Above the moss and a carpet of dead leaves, they stretch, grow towards the light. A deep serenity reigns in the place, as if it were inhabited by invisible beings. Everything is bright, the smell of the forest is even more present, the greens are intense. Small streams flow in the heart of this sanctuary. The water has turquoise reflections, and its song is harmonious. Time escapes in pearls of eternity. With each breath, we feel more vibrant, as if the source of life was flowing freely in us.

From castles to castles

We have entered a world marked by the USSR, if only by the stoic gaze of the inhabitants. We pay in Czech koruna for the food we sometimes buy in these barricaded mini-markets. From the first days, Nayla starts to learn Czech and writes a mini-vocabulary that she places on her front bag. Now the Guten Tag has given way to Dobridan or Ahoy!

Throughout Czechia, castles are the emblem of the country. Imposing or graceful, the legends and secrets of these ancient monuments have been kept alive through time. Buried in the forests, hidden in a valley, on top of a steep mountain, in plain sight, these structures have really marked our path.


PrPrague, the city of a hundred spires, unveils itself to us. We are under the spell of this city, of these colorful buildings, of the window frames which are all different, of the monuments which are outlined at each crossroads, of the history which can be read at each step, of the Charles Bridge which connects the center to the Palace, of the view on this city of elegance.

The heart of Czech life

We enter the heart of Czech life in a country cottage thanks to the friendship of Jana, Pepa and their children Stephan, Andoulka and Eviska. We spend time together as if we were meeting old friends. As a family of climbers and nature lovers, our passions are common. By the way, Nayla and Fibie now have Czech names: Nalinka and Fibinska. We are so grateful to have met the whole family, to have spent time together, to have learned a few Czech words, but most of all to have entered the heart of the country thanks to them, from the traditional evenings by the fire to taste the local beer, or the wine that is grown in the country.