anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

CANADA - 2019

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The White Pass that takes us to Southeast Alaska

We cross the Canadian border at Beaver Creek in the Yukon and receive our first gift from Canada, more than a year's visa in this gigantic country. It will be needed to cross its infinite lands. We are in a sumptuous region, with four contiguous national parks and reserves making up the largest conservation unit. The high peaks at more than 5'000 meters are the guardians of this kingdom populated by moose, Dall sheep, wolf, coyote, bison and grizzly bears. In fact, every day we come across grizzly bears, sometimes just a few meters away. Imposing, majestic, here they are the masters.

Yet a veil of smoke covers the whole landscape. We are disappointed, frustrated and our lungs burn. We are in the middle of the forest fires that are currently raging in the region. These fires are part of the regeneration process, but they are huge and this time we jump in a pickup truck to cross the land that is still burning on both sides of the road.

Arriving in Whitehorse is a celebration, we are exalted to have crossed this immense wilderness. We are welcomed with a warm friendship that will be one of the symbols of Canada. Then, we finally plunge into the sumptuous landscapes of the Yukon, crossing the White Pass that takes us to Southeast Alaska. There all around us, landscapes of a crystalline beauty are revealed. High mountains unfold to eternal snows and hanging glaciers. Rock formations cover the ground and make a perfect playground for girls. We are stunned and filled with great gratitude, this place is just majestic.

The Rockies

Our journey in British Columbia and Alberta is punctuated by extraordinary encounters, personalities who are a source of inspiration. Yet our daily lives are immersed in the vast spaces of Canada and its boreal forests. Arriving in the Rocky Mountains transforms the landscape. Nevertheless, our bodies are tired. They feel the deep fatigue of the endless days in the North. The rain that regularly punctuates our journey tempers our elation. Landscapes always carry us further, they are our source of inspiration and motivation. We cross the Icefields Parkway. Here we are in the heart of the Rockies and its extraordinary formations unfold above us. We are surrounded by these giants that make up spectacular landscapes. We ride close to the glaciers and dive into the lakes. These glacial lakes have fabulous colours, so intense.

They are green, blue, turquoise. They illuminate the landscapes with such an exceptional hueThey are green, blue, turquoise. They illuminate the landscapes with such an exceptional hue. Each glance transports us into the breathtaking landscapes of our planet Earth. From its rocky towers, we reach the great plains. This opening lightens us, we have been crossing the boreal forests for months. Yet we arrive just in time in Calgary, before the first snow covers the entire landscape by 25 cm.

Fibie and Nayla

The girls are in perfect harmony with everything that surrounds them. They play in turquoise lakes or crystalline streams. They jump in puddles, wet, frozen, but light-hearted. They watch the hanging glaciers and marvel at the wildlife we encounter, like the elk. They play in the boreal forest, run around the trees and stand speechless in front of the sumptuous panoramas that unfold.

This forest is incredible, a shimmering light illuminates it, large ferns and moss cover the ground, the smell of humus and cedar trees spreads with each step we take. Fibie and Nayla are bewitched. They explore the place in silence with great respect, as if they were entering a sanctuary. Then their excitement resounds through the forest. They run in search of branches and moss to build a small house for the squirrels and one for the fairies. They plunge into a magical world that will last even in their dreams.