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anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


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Everyday Is A New Beginning

Our nomadic life is always full of unforeseen events. No expectation is the golden rule. Even if we know it, we still sometimes get surprised. Our only alternative is to be open to all possibilities in the present moment, to all options, even those we could not imagine.

Impressions et sensations

Korea unsettled us as soon as we arrived. Of course, these are only impressions and sensations influenced by our encounters, by the lights, by the events and above all amplified by the needs of our inner world. In us, we eagerly await spring and its mild warmth. The gentle aspect of South Korea, which had touched us a few years ago, seems to be swept away by the strong icy wind and the political insecurity that is causing an anxiety in the country. The places also change ... The intense development surprises us. In some places, it seems intrusive, tearing off the Land a part of its soul

Busan and the Market

Immersed in the market of Busan, the first impressions of Korea are sounds. Horns, screams, a man sharpening his knife, the motorcycle trying to pass by, the new tones of Korean language, fish chipping, hatchets slicing the meat. Then comes the smells, the smell of fish and the ocean, the sweetness of the fruits, the spicy kimchi, the overwhelming smell of some of the fermented dishes, at times the putrid odours of decaying waste or nauseous smells of sewers.

Suddenly, we let ourselves be carried away, happy to abandon ourselves in these crowded streets where life abounds. Jostled and amazed in this place that carries the heart of the nation. We then discover the octopuses that try to leave their bucket to reach the ocean. There are dried fish, molluscs, dried fruits, new desserts and sweets. There are unknown vegetables and dozens of kinds of seaweed. There are the looks, the incredulous, bored, sleepy, laughing, or warm ones.

On Jeju Island

On Jeju Island, there is a warmth that envelops us. It charms us. The fruity scents of the flowers spread in the air. The bright yellow rapeseed flowers illuminate the fields like thousands suns. Nayla takes advantage of the cycle path to ride her bike along the ocean. She rides her mounts with pride and sings at the top of her voice. She notices every details with wonder and laughs. She passes in front of the Harubang sculptures, with their large eyes, their bowler hat and their big round nose.

Volcanic Earth

The land is composed of basalt lava, this black and porous volcanic rock. The coastline plunge into the ocean with steep cliffs. And the earth is furrowed by glossy black magma tunnels.

Jeju island combines the four elements to create a fantastic atmosphere. The energy of fire is carried by the volcanoes. The highest, the shield volcano Halla dominates the island at almost 2'000m elevation. It is the guardian of this place, it protects the integrity of the island. There is also the Seongsan Ilchulbong, the Sunrise peak. Every morning, this volcano surrounded by the ocean welcomes the first light of dawn on Jeju Island.

The breath of the continual wind recalls the open sea. It invokes the air element in its prime force. It blows an eternal refrain with ardor along the black cliffs that plunge into the ocean.

The ocean is sumptuous. The transparent blue water is revealed by the white sand banks while the black rock gives it indigo hues and a wild temperament. This wild spirit is also inspired by the sea currents forming large waves..