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We hit the road the three of us, once again we entered a nomadic life, diving in the unknown to discover the daily jewels, the pearls along the road.

We needed more than courage, first we had to untie our link to the little nest we created in order to welcome our child. Then we had to trust life, to surrender to the path and to let go on the “how?”. Creating a new cocoon in us, a security, to be able to welcome the waves of life with serenity.  

And in this process, our inner space and the outside world became layers of the same image, the outside world being a reflection of our inner world, amplified by the presence of Nayla. We have to accept the passions that this life inflames and the worries that darkens the horizon. In a way, it is dancing with our strengths and with our fears, the fears that emerged, the ones we carry with us and sometimes the ones that were assigned on us. Saying them, living them, and letting them fly away to vibrate in harmony with our path.

In this way of living, that follows what we emanate, we make the conscious choice to live in our heart and to follow our intuitions in order to open the door of an inner balance, a moving and harmonious balance among the three of us..

Giving birth and becoming parents is also a path in itself. Thus with our confidence in life, we also have full confidence in the wisdom of Nayla that tells us telepathically the needs of her soul, of her  being.

We let the natural process take place by trusting her body to create an immunity. We trust her choices to feed. We listen to her messages in order to take care of her corporal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. We listen to her angers, frustrations, guilt, fears, anxiety, sadness and communicate to free these emotions. We are also very grateful for her words of love, tenderness, thanking, curiosity and euphoria. We teach her to shine her own light. And we accompany her as she already has everything she needs in her to follow her path in life.  

Still, we have to live within the daily life, to find a balance between her naps, breastfeeding, her need to move, her desire to learn, and the necessity that the road imposes, the meteorologic changes and the need to find a place for the night.