nomads, writer, speaker, photographer


In The Harmony With The Earth

Nayla was born in a movement in the heart of the Earth. Leaving the wisdom of the elders among the peoples of Asia, she discovered the teachings of the Land in Oceania.

In Australia and New Zealand, she connects with the vastness and the power of nature. There she plunges into two elements, two opposite worlds: the infinite desert where the heat is torrid and the virgin landscapes in the heart of a mountainous land. A world without water, a world created by emerald rivers, an infinitely flat world and a universe of high snowy peaks. Two energies so different and yet united by the same vibrations, the vibration of the Earth, united by the same sky, illuminated at night by the twinkling stars.

Living in autonomy in pristine landscapes, she contemplates each light, discovering the beautiful sceneries and the minute details, an insect, a shell, a stone, a flower. She creates games with everything that surrounds her, throwing stones, running on slopes, playing with a ball, screaming with laughter, smiling at her daily life. Yet a life linked to the unknown. Living intensely here and now, living intensely this nomadic life where every day is a beginning.

In Australia, she wonders in front of the indigo blue Southern Ocean, in front of these endless waters, that break on the cliff of the Australian Bight. Yet we are crossing the Nullarbor desert. We are in the heart of this hostile world, on this red land that carries the energy of Fire. But Nayla vibrates in unison with this wild and virgin land. Free as these infinite spaces, linked to their powerful life force.

In New Zealand, in the valley created by the sapphire blue Wakatipu Lake, the songs of the elves echo in the summits. We enter a sanctuary of high snowy peaks, however their faces disappear behind a veil of clouds getting darker and darker. From the magic of a breathtaking panorama, we find ourselves sheltered under the wing of a pine tree, while beads of water fall on the earth. Nayla is a ray of sunshine in the icy mist. She plays and laughs in the puddles, master of perfect innocence that knows how to create games for every moment.