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The Red Land

Australia, you took us in the heart of your desert, in your arid and stark world. On your dry continent, where water is so scarce. You guided us in your vast virgin spaces, in the infinity of your sacred land. Beyond your sumptuous blossoming of flowers in the bush, beyond the bright beauty of your colorful birds, beyond your forests of gigantic gum trees, where the canopy touches the azure blue sky, beyond the powerful energy of Leeuwin lighthouse, where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, we are immersed in your virgin and harsh universe. Your land is rough, powerful and charismatic, at time fiery and choleric. Yes, you are red, and you carry the energy of fire, stocked by each carmine sunset on your golden grass. Struggling with you is pointless, it only reveals the red tints in us. Only the purity of a feminine gentleness can cross your world without getting burnt. However, the relationship with your land is special, as if you were too harsh to really get attached to you, as if it was inevitable to move in the heart of your land.

Your infinite horizon appears in front of us, for kilometers after kilometers. In your scenery that looks so monotonous, the eye catches every details not to be lost. With a powerful respect for the lives that live around us, the innocent lightness of the kangaroos, the softness of the koala, the power of the eagle,  the rapidity of the snake, the perseverance of the ants.

The harshness of your world, the aggressiveness of the flies, the intensity of the sun, your redoubtable wind impose us the necessity to live here and now. Creating shade with a mosquito net between our bikes, carrying up to 7 days of food and 60 liters of water, we are immersed in full autonomy in the middle of your desert of 1'200km, the plaine of Nuallarbor.