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We entered India that so many love, this India that so many philosophers, spiritual, epicureans and travelers are found of, where some many people years after years come back.

Some say they need more than a lifetime to discover this fabulous India, for us this country burns with a fire that exalts the aggressiveness of its inhabitants. We hate how India transformed us, and what we were becoming, what it took out of us, and all the angriness that was inside us.

We entered its territory 20 days ago, and since then nothing charmed us, nothing inspired us. We are drained from all our energy. India took everything from us, all the magic in us. Leaving only the suffering of gaunt bodies, the suffering of an inhumane cast system where people are nothing. Lives of suffering. We are the witnesses, in a way taking part in this vile dance. Witness of the bitterness of life, of the life in all its inhumanity, in its baseness, where the cripples are ignored, where the cows are more sacred than the human, where even the animals are aggressive and in bad shapes. What can you show us, India, despite your suffering and despair?

The only smile we receive came from your untouchables. The rest is only aggression. Your people took everything they could from us, they took our vital energy in every part of our body and you, India, offered nothing, didn’t share anything. The exchanges were absent. You drained everything from us.