anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

TAIWAN - 2018

Radio RTS


Chinese New Year

The red lanterns illuminate the cities. It is Chinese New Year. Red, the colour of prosperity, brightens Taiwan. The celebrations last a week during which families gather. The firecrackers echo in the streets to chase evil spirits. We are entering the year of the earth dog.

We take part in the festivities with the Yang family, they adopted us. Here in Taiwan, we have a family forever. Thank you from our heart

East Coast

The East Coast ... once again its magic inspires us. The land here is powerful, vibrant. The mountain ridges, covered with dense forests, undulate in the sky. We take small roads and cycling paths that take us to the heart of this mix of culture and nature. Then we overlook a wide turquoise river. It meanders and makes its way to the heart of the mountains, sometimes surrounded by high cliffs. The rivers in Taiwan are impressive, powerful. They flow in bed so wide that they give the sensation of freedom. After crossing a pass, we are facing the Pacific Ocean. We cycle along this titan, whose waves stroke loudly the pebble beaches. We enjoy the landscape that the ocean offers us, its play of light, its song.


For three days the Earth shakes continuously. We feel the undulation under our feet, the objects moving, the shaking and clinging. “Listen and connect yourself. You can feel that the Earth is alive!” For the first time, we really feel the movement of the Earth. Gaia is present, she speaks to us, sings. Somehow, there is a magic in this land that shakes. There is the movement of the planet, of something that is much bigger than us. There is a transformative energy that takes root in this deep breath. There is Gaia asking us to enter in connection with her soul.

First Night In The Tent For Fibie

For the first time, we sleep in the tent with Fibie. Once again, we do all the gestures that create our life as nomads. Nayla is euphoric, she jumps in the tent, runs around, inflates her mattress, unfolds her sleeping bag. Every time she bursts out laughing. Nayla has been waiting to sleep in the tent for months. For us too, it is a deep joy to camp and to bring Fibie in this nomadic life. The excitement of Nayla is communicative, and all of us overflow with a powerful energy in a bliss that gives each moment an infinite purity.

The rite of passage is successful, Fibie is now initiated. It is the beginning of many nights in tents.