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anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


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Our Way In South Korea, In The Mountains

Our choice is quickly made. We decide to go through the mountains. Despite the very steep climbs and the gigantic efforts they impose on us, we feel it is just right for us. We are thus touching the heart of South Korea, the exceptional welcome of the population.

In the mountains, we are driven by a light fluidity. The mountains entwine forever in the heart of the panorama, covered with the luminous green carpet of the forests. The trees are adorned with flowers with sweet and fragrant scents. Sometimes the petals fly in the wind giving the sensation of flakes. We follow the rivers that get lost in these intertwined mountains. So we never know where the road will take us, so much they meander on the territory. The water is clear and reflects an emerald green. With a ray of sunshine, the whole composes a spectacular picture.

On these roads, we stop in the only flat places, often pavilions in the center of villages. The people come to say hello. And their first question is to ask whether we need water. What a proof of discernment! Then we touch on the fabulous generosity of the population. At each break, we receive food, offered spontaneously without hesitation, often fruit or local specialties such as the famous kimchi, those fermented and spicy cabbages that accompany every meal. There’s something amazing about such generosity. It is simply unconditional..I

Meeting People

We meet new people and join friends. A Korean cycling couple, Joy and Min, even found us and invited us to their home. We met them three years ago on the roads of New Zealand, just for a few minutes. We ran out of time, because Nayla was sleeping in her trailer. She was then one year old, it was time for us to cycle. And now in South Korea the sharing is incredible. The reunion with long-time cycling friends is also soothing. They bring that warm feeling of being surrounded by friends. Especially we can speak freely. In this moment, we can share without limit the joys and sorrows of the road, the pains and the wonders. They do more than hear or understand, they too live them.

Market And Korean Food

Strolling through the markets is a delight. What a pleasure to indulge in these crowded streets that carry the heart of the nation. We love discovering specialties. And there are the faces, the meetings, the tastings and this fabulous atmosphere. There are the hazy, disbelieving, bored, sleepy, laughing, or warm looks. Korean food also remains one of the country’s highlights. So much to discover. The dozens of small dishes that accompany the meals are often our favourites. Beyond tastes, it’s a whole other way of eating, sitting on the floor facing a low table.