anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

Quebec - Canada - 2021


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Lak St-Jean - Côte Nord - Gaspe Peninsula

The White Geese Message

A strange sound reaches me. It is a shrill cry. Suddenly I see them. Hundreds of white geese are cackling and squawking. In a V formation they fly right over our heads. They are so close that we can hear the thousands of flaps of their wings, like a breeze reaching us. In unison, they follow each other, encouraging each other with their calls and helping each other. Migrating, they fly away, following their path and gather in hundreds on the lake before continuing further north.

The migration of these geese is much more than an exhilarating spectacle of magic. It subtly whispers to us: Are we willing to take flight? What do I need to follow my path?

For us, this synchronicity is fascinating. We too are taking off, hitting the road again, soaring on our migration route after a winter retreat. And yet it is more than another part of the journey. 11 years of nomadism, 11 years on the roads of the world. Beyond the journey, beyond the adventure, beyond the exploration, Life has never stopped guiding us with its teachings. Today, we share these messages, these teachings, these inspirations as ambassadors of a life in connexion with our inner Truth and guidance, as ambassadors of natural learning in the outdoors, as ambassadors of a new parenthood, as ambassadors of a life interconnected with every aspect of Life.

Immersion in Nature

Our life is an immersion in nature. Every moment is connected to the breath of the Earth. We are somewhere in the world and we have to face whatever comes our way. Yet we learned long ago that this is not a struggle. On the contrary, there is no struggle against the power of the environment in which we are immersed. We have understood that we have to be connected with it.

Wild Food Foraging

The steep climbs follow one another. There is no respite for our bodies and even less for our minds. Despite the beauty of the gigantic forests that surround us, our limbs shiver with fatigue and our muscles scream from the intensity of the effort. We are exhausted. It is the mind that has taken over, we are in perseverance mode and at times I lack courage. We live each kilometre, we feel it, we ride it with our own strength and energy.

At the highest point, a gentle descent awaits us. The road meanders following the river. The water sings and its green reflection is sumptuous. We are amazed by the pristine landscape. In the distance, cliffs appears. As soon as I see them, a shiver flows through me. An invisible force draws me there. By perfect synchronicity, we can sleep at their foot. Instantly, I feel it, it is a high energy place, a sacred place. A waterfall springs from the top for a plunge into the abyss. But the black flies are so voracious that we have no choice but to return to the protective space of our tent.


We reach the St. Lawrence River. The air smells of the sea. Here in Tadoussac on the Côte-Nord, the water is already salty. We are approaching the dunes, those steep slopes covered with fine sand that Nayla and Fibie race down, running, sliding on their butts or rolling. The excitement is so great that they keep going back up, full of energy.

The landscape in the Côte-Nord is dotted with ponds and lakes, roaring rivers and dense boreal forests. Small villages are spread out along the river banks. They live by the waves, but above all by the impetuous wind that sweeps over the rocks. This region is remote, sometimes austere and yet inhabited for more than 9,000 years, long before Jacques Cartier sailed through the Strait of Belle Isle. People were attracted by the richness of the water and land, and the abundance of resources. At Papinachois Falls, we are on the territory of the Pessamit Innu community. A warm welcome invites us to this fabulous land, to get in touch with the magic of this place.

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Dancing for the Belugas

On the rocks of Pointe à la Croix, facing the small community of Les Escoumins, we dance for the belugas. Our improvised movements are inspired by their fluidity in the water. This choreography is offered to the wind and the St. Lawrence River. And in our hearts, it is a call, a call to meet the belugas. We send this intention into the Universe and let it drift away to join these marine beings.

Suddenly, we see a white melon appear. Then a dozen belugas swim past us. Very sociable, these fantastic white whales generally stay in groups. We are speechless, overwhelmed by the magic of the moment. Every time they come to the surface we are thrilled. To watch the animals in their natural element, to see them perform, move and live is a fabulous sight that takes us to the heart of the treasures of our Earth. At that moment, we feel how much our future is linked to theirs, how much life is a vast and complex system of interactions.