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Guidance to a Greater Openness of Heart and Conscience

Each one of us brings our own truth and magic to the Earth. We are all unique and thus each path of life is unique, splendid and radiant with happiness, inspirations and creations, as well as challenges that allow us to open our consciousness and find our strengths. It is not these passages that determine who we are but what we choose to do with them, the teachings we accept to receive.

At the same time, we are deeply interconnected to the whole. Our experiences and encounters in all dimensions are thus a mirror of what is at play within us. By accepting to master our inner power, we become the creators of our lives. Always accompanied, we are constantly guided towards a greater inner balance. Listening to our intuitions and the synchronicities offers us keys to living in greater harmony and balance.

I am here to offer a sensitive and attentive listening, a coaching or a healing session linked with any passages, difficulties or if you wish to open new doors to greater harmony in your life : energetic healing, intuitive communication, tools for emotional liberation, inspired movements, receiving the message of the Land. A path to your deeper self inviting you to find your own truth, in an openness of heart and expanding awareness.

I also offer guidance to parents-to-be, families and children in all their dimensions. Children are fully aware of what is at play in and around them. Listening to them often helps to highlight imbalances at all levels. In this way, they become real messengers for the family. I accompany children of all ages, babies and infants. I am here for intuitive communication and healing with the in-utero baby and for pregnant women. I also offer support during bereavement and grief, including perinatal loss.