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On The Road Of Hokkaido

For us, Hokkaido is a land of emotions. As soon as we touched its spirit, as soon as we felt our nomadic sensations again, as soon as we reached its centre, we live death and rebirth by the passage of our child of Light Kanayama. Our son born at five months pregnancy. At the same time, the world around us collapses, four typhoons affect the island of Hokkaido in a few days. In the small town of Minamifurano, the trees bow in front of the power of the wind. The tumultuous water comes out of its bed and transform the landscape. Only Fear remains. It is there like a shadow. As much as the separation. When everything collapses in us and around us, how can we find the indispensable tenderness to see beyond these events? Slowly, we feel deep inside a call to Life. The Love of our child is so intense that its energy guides us like a lighthouse.

Welcomed by Shigeo, he becomes a Grandpa in Japan for Nayla. A man who helped us deeply. Then the landscapes of Hokkaido carried us by their magic. We found the vast spaces, vibrating the life force.

The fiery ocean brought us the euphoric feeling of freedom. The lakes welcomed us, we were charmed by their beauty. These places hold a perfect alchemy between its elements. The land and its mountains, the water and its mirror lakes, the wind and its dancing clouds, the fire and its purple sunset.


The forests extend beyond mountains and valleys. These forests seem timeless, as they call for other dimensions, for an untouched nature, for indomitable and impenetrable spaces. When they are crossed by the large rivers, it is like a breath. The water is clear, pure. It reflects a royal blue that makes it majestic.

On the shore of Kussharo Lake, we are in the heart of pulsating volcanoes. It is as if we can feel the pulse of the Earth. There, a natural hot spring flows in the lake. The smell of sulfur tickles our nostrils. It is only a few degrees and the cold air has filled our lungs. With our frozen hands, we feel the temperature of the water, 43°C. With a joy close to the excitement, we undress. Naked and cold, we enter gently into the hot water. We feel a deep sensation of well- being. This is the pearl of Japan, a place that brings together the delicacy of Japanese traditions and the sumptuous landscapes of Hokkaido. An exquisite moment, one of those that bring us to be nomads..