nomads, writer, speaker, photographer


The Chant of The Steppes

We cycle under an azure sky, clear, infinite, warmed by the powerful light from the sun star. Suddenly, an eagle takes off, it flies with elegance and plays with grace in the wind. It creates a fluffy breeze with its wings that trembles the long herbs. They dance in the same vibrations, flexible in the movement of this waft. A subtle smell spreads, from the scented plants covering the land, creating a vivifying atmosphere that reflects the chant of the Earth.

Endlessly, this land extends, in a world where the guardians knows the jewel it conceal. In this kingdom of wind, a universe of a subtle charm and powerful energy emerge, an alchemy creating an impalpable enchantment. A delicacy hidden in an austere world, that glows over the Kazakh population. A universe, in which the vibration of the nomads’ soul still pulsates in the breath of air. The world of free warrior, which only time can reveal its true self.

The golden steppes never stops… we can see them further and further. It seems, they play with us, reflecting our inside world. Sometimes, our mental thoughts take us above the steppes driving us in making plans that should lessen the doubts that emerge with the coming Siberian winter. A willingness to control our universe in order to be comforted. But the uncertainties become more and more dominant; they take the power as the thoughts speeds up. To the point, we decide to come back to the present moment, to here and now, to the faith that all what happens is right.