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Pristine Land

To you New Zealand, to you the South Island, Te Ahora, the long path in Maori language, a long way of five years that lead us to your distant lands. We dreamt to reach your world, you gave us a destination when the reality of our life was too harsh. And at time, we forgot you because we were surrounded by magic, magic that took place in the present moment of the countries we were discovering. We are cycling on your Land, symbol of our nomadic life, of all our inspirations. You lead us in the purity of your panoramas, in the heart of your wild nature, powerful and virgin. A magic resonates on your land, subtle, but like an eternal presence, bringing the messages from Lemuria.

We find your singing rivers with great joy. Their source emerges in your high snowy peaks, crossing lost valleys. Your water is crystal clear. At times, it transforms in an unique color, an astonishing turquoise, an ice blue, enchanting the landscape. Their whispers delight our hearts, because next to their bed, we are at home. They lull our souls, purify our hearts, quench our thirst and create a world of tenderness.

Our path on your land is illuminated by a pure light in a sapphire bleu sky. Here in the heart of the South Pacific, weather change is brutal, surprising, so fast it is alarming. Yet we feel deeply guided. We cross your land during a specially dry summer. Everything is crystalline in your powerful nature. Your snow-capped mountains stand majestically. Your anthracite rock walls emerge in a cyan sky, with their impressive ridges. Aoraki, the cloud-piercer, is your highest peak. Its summit dominates the golden Mackenzie plateau and the shimmering Pukaki Lake with amazing turquoises hues. We face the 3'000m cliffs, the hanging glaciers, the sharp alpine summits, charmed by the power of the mountains, by the beauty of the scene.

We enter your rainforest, a magical world where the sun rays pass through the vegetation in light beams. As soon as we get in, we have the feeling to access a sanctuary where small beings live mysteriously hidden in the profusion of the vegetation, behind your beautiful dark green ferns .Fully autonomous, we spent days at the end of your valleys, in total immersion with your land,  in the indigo blue of your lakes, lulled by the song of the elves. And at time, with your sandflies. While your alpine landscapes bring magical feeling to our soul, the harsh reality of your little flies pushes us to act, in gestures of survival, cutting us from the contemplation and the exaltation of a life of simplicity in the heart of your wilderness.