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Guided By Butterflies

In Taiwan, we are guide d by hundreds of fantastic butterflies and colourful dragonflies, fluttering with us. They accompanied us along the undulating roads. They showed us the way to its earth, making a link to the land, a land that carries the power of elements in it. In the heart of this island, the elements come together with intensity.

Fire is powered by the suffocating heat of the summer. More subtly, it is present in the sleeping volcanos, linked with the spectacular force of the Pacific ring of fire. This vitality and this exaltation are transmitted to its population. Indeed, Taiwan is one of the most populated country in the world, its west coast is vibrating of the density, in a perpetual movement, in the human radiance multiplied by thousands, in the dissonance of the heartbeats.

The wind is powerful, shaping the landscapes with its breath. At time, it becomes dreadful, when transformed in typhoon, it falls on the coasts.

The water surrounding the earth is of an extraordinary power, from the charisma of its waves and at the same time it soothes the land. A land that trembles everyday, swept by the earthquake of tectonic plates.

However, a smoothness carries us, the welcome of the population is wonderful, hearty and tinged with genuine kindness. The land of Taiwan takes us in the heart of its mountains, in the acmes of the centre. We went to the sacred Yushan mountain, that culminates at 4'000m. There, the sun is setting like a ball of fire. And at dawn, the green mountain chains intertwine, intersect, in pastel colours born by the moisture, before disappearing into the clouds dance. We find out cypress trees of 2'000 years old, vibrating such a presence and serenity. They are majestic. Its land also takes us in a valley created by a rift, in the middle of angular peaks and splendid rice fields, bright green or golden from the maturation of the rice.