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In the Cultural, religious and linguistic mosaic of the Balkans

We felt deep inside how much the identity of the people is linked with the territory, with the land; how much the earth represents the roots of the people and their pride, from a symbolic and historical point of view. And related to it how much it can raise passion or anger.

But not focusing on the differences and travelling with confidence in human beings, we met all along our path, places where humanity radiates.

Stop frame

In this quiet and small farm situated on the top of a hill, lives a family which embodies what humanity hold in its likeness: its Love and quest for harmony and balance. A place where life shines in its joy and humility. Men and women with bright faces, striking smiles and intense presences.

In their sympathy and simplicity, they welcomed us warmly. They opened their hearts to the point we felt we were members of their family and worthy their splendid reception. With only the few words we learnt on our way, we communicated from heart to heart, from soul to soul.