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In Heart of Tropical Malaysia

In Malaysia, a serene energy pacified us. It was light, tender and simple. The smile of the population thrilled our hearts. We could feel once again this powerful breath of freedom, delightfulness and trust in life. The way opened up in front of us.

In Malaysia, we were really charmed by its synergy. Traditions coexist, religions are celebrated next to each other, cultures respect each other, flavours mingle and friendship extend beyond membership. Malaysia suggests an example of openness to others. It opens the door of a global village where everyone can exist in its own way.

In Malaysia, we definitely entered the tropics. The tropical plants and the jungle were stunning, especially the vibrations that emerged from it. They were filled with vitality. They were the intense green of life, bright and lush. The wide leaves had peculiar shapes, innovative, elegant. Sometimes they reached the size of an umbrella. In this universe, the humidity in the air was so dense that it smells a perfume, a subtle perfume linked with an intense heat. Then we could hear the monkeys chants and the rustling of leaves when they jumped from one tree to the other. We could hear the symphony of the singing birds coming from each direction, beautiful multicoloured birds. And saw the snakes and varans crawling into the deep jungle that seemed impenetrable. The flowers were the mysterious jewels of the forest. A sumptuous creation of shapes and colours that shined with their beauty. Sometimes they were the subtle marriage of their tints, sometimes they were exuberant of eccentricity.

We also discovered the enormous palm tree plantations that expend on the horizon, further and further, always the same. They picture the large palm oil production of the territory, the main plantation of the peninsula.

Then we could smell the scent of the ocean. Its tints were sumptuous, they never stopped changing, going from a deep dark blue to a turquoise green. Its texture also varied, sometimes perfectly smooth sometimes agitated by the turbulences, creating thousands of undertones. The sea represented the beaches were the children design ephemeral creations, calling for their inspiration and imagination. It was the couples walking hand in hand, it was the women that swim with their headscarf, and sometimes it was a man followed by a woman wearing a black full face veil.

And with the tropics also came the powerful storms. At that time, the sky would get darker and darker, oppressing. The wind noises became louder. The stunning sounds of the thunder echoed as if they would tear the sky apart. Then the lighting illuminated this dark dance. They were so long it seemed they really created a bridge between the earth and the sky. The power of the tropical storms was stirring by the powerful energies they blew. Terrifying in their intensity and at the same time calming from the tensions they released. Then a torrential rain was pouring on the territory, and despite its strength, a new freshness, a new vitality changed the atmosphere.

In Malaysia, we entered small cities that felt more like villages. A peaceful tone emerged in the alley. We felt at ease, welcomed with simplicity.